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The Pure Resorts experience brings together the best that Northeast Brazil has to offer from sparkling white sands and idyllic sunsets to understated interiors and barefoot chic in stunning natural surroundings.Sophistication meets relaxation in harmony with nature at every Pure Resort.

Pure luxury... Pure calm... Pure indulgence... the result is pure perfection.

Pure Resorts is set to become Northeast Brazil's leading, premium resort brand offering a range of luxury accommodation. The resorts will be situated in hand-picked locations in the region's most sought-after coastal destinations. The essence of every Pure Resort will be defined by its trademark beach bungalows, five-star hotel, extensive range of amenities and integrated luxury condominium.

The Experience

Our five-star vacation experience will be unlike any others available in these areas.

Pure Resorts is filling the existing market gap in selected parts of Northeast Brazil where unbelievable natural beauty and a wide array of touristic attractions are not matched by quality accommodations and superb service. The Pure Resorts Experience will bring you the combination of unspoiled nature in fantastic beachfront locations with luxury resorts that blend perfectly well with the landscaping.

You will be able to explore the best that the Northeast has to offer: adventure tours, wildlife discovery, wind sports, sand dunes, fishing, diving, local gastronomy, but at the same time being pampered with  luxurious room, suite or bungalow catered for the needs of your family. There is something for everyone: sports, spa, relaxation, kids’s club…

Additionally, for a limited period only, Pure Resorts is offering to our so-called “founding member”, the possibility to join our exclusive Pure VIP Exclusive Club Membership program. Our VIP Club provides numerous benefits to members: VIP treatment at our resorts, generous discounts on all resort services (food & beverage, sports activities, spa and beauty treatments, childcare, etc.), a personal holiday consultant to help you plan your perfect trip, significant tariff discounts vs. normal guests and a fantastic network of destinations around the globe via our affiliated hotels. Contact us to find out more!


An extensive array of amenities and activities will be available to suit all ages and interests. Each resort will feature a health and beauty center, a kid’s club, kite and windsurfing schools, tennis courts, horses, beach buggies…

If you prefer a more relaxing vacation, you can enjoy the five-star spa, gourmet dining areas, stylish beach and swimming pool bars and other relaxation areas.

For guests who like to be active on their vacations, Pure Resorts will provide an adventure haven with activities such as kite & windsurfing, beach volley, fishing, diving, dune buggies to explores nearby dunes and beaches, horse riding as the sun goes down, and a variety of sports in the health club and adjacent residential condominium that boasts a club house with tennis courts and a football pitch.

Pure Resorts are child friendly too. For parents with younger children, specially monitored kids clubs with qualified childminders will be on hand if needed.


Pure Resorts Hotels & Residences Signature Villas have been designed by international award-winning architects, Melvin Villarroel.

Clients will have the choice to acquire a turn-key villa especially designed by Melvin Villarroel architects for Pure Resorts. With their unique vision for the integration of nature into the residences, Villarroel has created a look and feel for our Signature Villas that has never been seen before in this part of Brazil and will become easily recognisable as a brand as Pure Resorts grows across the region.

Combining natural materials such as eucalyptus wood beams and native palm tree roofing with Mediterranean design influences they have created three individual styles of villas that all have two things in common: comfort and relaxation. More Villa styles will be added to the catalog, listening to our customers’s demands. They are comfortable for a normal family day-to-day life and at the same time easy to rent and serve as a holiday residence.

Villa owners will have the choice to trust the management of the property to the resort, therefore getting rid of all hassle related to cleaning and maintaining the property, looking for tenants, inspecting the villa and all the logistics associated with holiday rentals.







Combining international dishes with local cuisine, every resort will give you the opportunity to discover new tastes at stunning locations by the beach.

Our chefs will have the challenge to satisfy discerning customers, giving local delicacies a new twist. There is no shortage of prime raw materials, be it fresh catches from the nearby fishermen, grass-fed cattle, tropical fruits… Brazilian food is already delicious, our aim is to provide you with a sophisticated interpretation of local cuisine to blow your tastebuds!

In our Parnaiba resort, we are fortunate to count with an amazing traditional fishermen community, catching extraordinary species like the “Camurupim” (tarpon), jumbo shrimps, hake, etc. right there at our beach. Additionally, our Eco-farm will give you the opportunity to learn and discover where some of the fruits and vegetables used in the kitchen come from.

Smart Systems


The Pure Resorts experience will be further enhanced by the use of bespoke SMART systems ensuring a truly relaxing respite for guests and providing greater operational efficiency.

The SMART system will provide guests with 24/7 access to a wide range of services and features include bookings, room service, check-in and out and room control to name a few.

The SMART system will be easy to use, cost efficient and helps to support the eco-philosophy at Pure Resorts.

Guests will also benefit from the Pure Resorts App, which will provide an easy planning tool for their holiday including being able to make reservations, storing guests’ preferences, as well as easy billing and payment.


Pure Resorts Hotels and Residences is seeking to develop premium resorts located at premium beachfront destinations in the spectacular landscape of Northeast Brazil. Each resort we develop will offer 5 star standards and we strive to be the first brand offering top class facilities and amenities in our targeted areas.

Pure Resorts locations will also include a residential component creating a mixed use complex, comprised of a resort & a luxury condominium. Our complexes will be built in the most eco-friendly way possible, with the utmost respect for the natural environment and the integration of local communities.

The first two Pure Resorts are being developed in Parnaíba (Piauí) and São Miguel do Gostoso (Rio Grande do Norte), both of which were chosen for their stunning coastal locations and their growing appeal as fashionable tourist destinations.

Pure Resorts Parnaíba Pure Resorts Gostoso

Pure ResortsⓇ Parnaíba


The Resort

The Pure Resorts Parnaíba will feature a five-star, eco-friendly hotel and residential zone. Located adjacent to the popular Pedra Do Sal beach, the 161-hectare, beachfront complex will consist of around 150 units including bungalows and apartments.

This is the first five star resort in the coast of Piaui and perfect gateway for visitors to the world famous Parnaiba Delta and Lencois Maranhenses National Park. The resort is located 15 minutes from Parnaíba airport, which is connected to the cities of Teresina and Fortaleza by national flight carrier Azul Airlines.

The resort & residential complex has been designed in accordance with the environmental sensitivity of the Delta, with very low density, respect for the delicate marine ecosystem and preservation of existing dunes and vegetation. The gated luxury condominium integrated within the resort will consist of 400 plots, a commercial centre, a clubhouse with comunal pool, kitesurfing school, tennis courts, football pitch, lagoons, an eco-farm and a professional qualification centre for the community.

The residential zone will be unique in the region, capable to serve as first home for Parnaiba residents or holiday/weekend home for residents in neighboring cities in Piaui, Maranhao and Ceará. Home owners will have access to the resort facilities at preferential rates, including the ability to put their property into the resort-managed rental pool.


Travellers are drawn to the natural paradise of the Parnaíba Delta, an environmentally protected area since 1996, to experience the rich eco-diversity that thrives within its 2,750 sq km and more than 70 islands – it is the largest open sea delta in the Americas.

Parnaíba offers the ideal base from which to explore the Delta’s islands, dense mangroves, towering sand dunes that can grow up to 40 metres high and fresh water lagoons. Visitors to the Delta will encounter the many different species of birds, fish, monkeys, iguanas, caymans and crabs that live among the mangroves. Big turtles nest in the beach and dolphins and whales can also be seen in open sea.

Pedra do Sal, where the resort is located, is the only beach of Parnaiba, dominating the shore with its lighthouse, 8km from the delta’s mouth and very popular with surfers. Its sunset is considered one of the most beautiful in the Northeast. Parnaiba is not far away from the Lençóis Maranhenses national park. .

The coast of Piaui, stretching only  66km, contains well known destinations in addition to Parnaiba, with towns like Luis Correia becoming very crowded for Carnival and high season, and famous gorgeous beaches like Atalaia, Coqueiro, Macapa and especially the internationally-known Barra Grande, which is disputing the crown to the consolidated Jericoacoara, in nearby Ceará. The Piauí state capital of Teresina is just a four-hour drive away.

Master Plan Parnaíba

Pure Resorts Parnaíba has been designed with utmost care for the delicate ecosystem of the Delta. Only 11% of the 161-hectare property is built. Low density, preservation of the habitat and integration into the local community have been the key drivers of the master plan.

Master Plan Parnaíba
Pure Resorts Parnaíba will be the first luxury resort in the coast of Piaui. As such, it will contain a main building with apartments and suites, a conference center and dining facilities, and extensive gardens where beach bungalows especially designed for families will be scattered amongst the landscaping. Facilities will include a health & beauty center, a kid’s club, a pool area and beach amenities like volleyball and a wind and kitesurfing school. Sunbeds for sipping cocktails at sunsets will be especially coveted by guests!

The gated luxury condominium will consist of 400 single family plots of around 500 sqm each. The condominium will offer a social club with comunal pool, tennis, football, bbq and a kids area. At the entrance of the complex, a commercial space has been designed to offer convenience stores to residents, resort guests and visitors to Pedra do Sal.

A special feature of this complex will be the existence of an eco-farm to show sustainable growing of produce for educational purposes and internal consumption. Showing the remarkable skills of local fishermen, the traditional handicraft and “caju” (cashew) recollection will also be of interest to residents in the complex.

Pure Resorts Panaiba is located 15 minutes away from Parnaiba city by road PI-116, currently undergoing a widening to improve speed and safety. The airport is very close by, as so are the key touristic enclaves of coastal Piaui, Maranhao and Ceará.

Pure ResortsⓇ Gostoso

The Resort

San Miguel do Gostoso is the second location under development by Pure Resorts Hotels and Residences. The resort is situated just 1.7km away from the thriving town of Gostoso, which is known as the top high-end destination in Rio Grande do Norte as a result of its international ambiance and kite surfing competitions.

This location is currently connected to Natal International Airport by motorway in under 90 minutes. Pure Resorts at Gostoso is set in a 22 hectare site of which 23% is preserved as beach and dunes. The resort will offer approximately 75 units, between rooms, suites and our trademark beach bungalows. Facilities will include spa, restaurants, kids club, wind and kitesurfing school.

The residential condominium will comprise 113 lots with an average size of 650m2. Amenities include a club house, tennis and football pitch. Residents will be able to use the resort facilities at preferential rates..


São Miguel do Gostoso is a trendy town, already the third most important destination in the state after Natal and Pipa, boasting pure white sandy beaches, dense coconut forests and peaceful scenery.

Location Gostoso
With many days of constant breezes, the area is most famous for kite and wind surfing and offers an extensive mix of restaurants, hostels and a wide array of services that visitors would expect while on holidays. Wind sport enthusiast or not, the visitor to Gostoso is never disappointed.

It is growing in popularity with both Brazilian and international visitors, giving the town a unique cosmopolitan flair. The clean skies, selected by NASA as the purest in the planet, and equatorial sun provide this region with its unique energy, with mild temperatures all year round and perfect water conditions.

São Miguel do Gostoso is a good base from where to explore the many attractions of the northern part of the state: Touros (the “elbow” of Brazil, with the tallest lighthouse), coral pools for snorkeling at Maracajaú, the water park of Manoa Park, the mighty “falésias” (sandy cliffs) along the coast all the way to Pipa, the dunes at Genipabú and the thriving city of Natal, voted 2nd best touristic destination in Latin America after Rio de Janeiro.

Master Plan Gostoso

Pure Resorts at São Miguel do Gostoso occupies a 22-hectare land located just outside of town, 1.7km away. The site is at arguably the best beach strip, on the way to Tourinhos beach, the postcard of the region. The sun rises and sets on the sea, giving a magic light to the location.

Master Plan Gostoso
The master plan, conceived as an integrated luxury resort and residential condominium, will be first of its kind in this part of Rio Grande do Norte. In accordance with the quality tourism already coming to Gostoso, the project features a resort with a combination of rooms, suites and our trademark beach bungalows, providing amenities like health and beauty center, restaurants, kids club, pools and a wind and kite surfing school.

The condominium comprises 113 lots with an average size of 650 m2. Residents will be able to enjoy a wide range of amenities including tennis, club house with communal pool, bbq and football pitch. Similarly to our other resorts, residents will be able to enjoy the resort facilities at preferential rates and also put their property into the resort-managed rental pool for hassle-free maintenance and rent of their home.

The first phase of the residential condominium has been offered for reservation under special pre-launch conditions. Pls contact us for a customized presentation and select one of the first 54 lots offered to the market.




Brazil is one of the most geographically, ecologically and culturally diverse countries on the planet, with sunny skies, spectacular sunsets, amazing culture, shopping, business and extreme adventure. Host to the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics, Brazil is home to around 200 million people, contains 22% of the world’s arable land and has immense natural resources.

The phenomenal economic growth of recent years means the country’s lower and middle classes are becoming wealthier as their disposable incomes steadily increase. Programs like Minha Casa, Minha Vida have provided residences to the least fortunate, whilst abundant liquidity in the federal banking system and capital markets have fuelled impressive growth in the property market.

Despite signs of overheating in some saturated high-end urban markets, there are still ample areas of the country with severe lack of infrastructures. Wealthy families in those areas have scarcity of investment opportunities. We are focusing on those areas, with above-average growth prospects and clear evidence of increased public spending (airports, roads, hospitals, universities) and growing private consumption (shopping centers, tourism, restaurants, etc.)

Part of the powerful BRICS group, Brazil has a lot to catch up to reduce inequalities between the wealth Southeast and the rest of the country. Macroeconomic indicators are showing a slow down of the economy as a whole, impact felt in the currency and subsequent inflationary concerns, but we remain confident in the specific economic indicators of our areas of activity (Piauí, Rio Grande do Norte), that are growing well above the national average.

When uncertainties about the presidential elections are cleared and important sources of income like oil production come into full effect, it is expected that Brazil will return to GDP growth rates similar to its BRICS peers.

Northeast Brazil

Northeast Brazil is the preferred holiday destination for nearly 50% of the 60 million Brazilians that vacation domestically each year. Its enormous coastline stretching 3,000 km from Bahia to Maranhao, is blessed with minimal variations in temperatures (24-28 degrees) all year round, warm inviting seas, cooling breezes, palm trees and amazing sunsets.

Clusters of dunes hide beautiful lagoons of cool, clear water. The vibrant, dense, green forests are alive with colourful fauna and wildlife.

At the beach’s edge, turquoise seas teem with marine life waiting to be discovered by sail boat or by snorkelers and scuba divers enjoying the warm, tropical waters.

The Northeast region of Brazil is the fastest growing area in Brazil fuelled by economic factors such as export/import, tourism, real estate, natural resources and energy. Growth is centred around coastal destinations and property prices have risen by 20% on average per annum in recent years.In December 2012, the Brazilian government announced a $1billion infrastructure investment dedicated to 64 airports in the northeast of the country.

Development Strategy


The Northeast of Brazil is the most sought after destination for Brazilians taking holidays domestically. However, many wonderful destinations across this vast coastline still lack quality accommodation and service by international standards.

Development Strategy
Every year, about 60 million Brazilians take holidays in the country. Around 50% of those decide to visit the Northeast, drawn to the spectacular beaches, hurricane-free fantastic weather all year round and warm seas. Being located so close to the equator, there are minimal seasonal variations throughout the year.

For many years, Northeast Brazil has lagged behind the wealthier South East, with the only exception of Bahia, but today is catching up rapidly and has been the country´s star performing region over the past decade.

Pure Resorts is perfectly placed to capitalise on this pent up demand from domestic tourists, becoming the first eco-friendly luxury resort in each of our target destinations. We avoid saturated markets and destinations that lack basic amenities for our clients in the vicinity of our resorts, we believe our clients want to explore the area, wander around nearby towns and discover local delicacies or thrilling adventures to make their holidays special.

This is what Pure Resorts is all about, to give you Perfect Holidays in astonishing beachfront destinations without spoiling what makes those locations unique.

Development Ethos

Pure Resorts Hotels & Residences are being designed with international luxury standards, adapted to the local knowledge of our project managers, architects and marketing professionals.

Develepment Ethos
Our conceptual master plan is the creation of Melvin Villarroel architects, bringing over 40 years of international experience in resorts and luxury condominiums. They strive to integrate landscaping into the architecture, maximizing the concept of space as the ultimate luxury.

Then we have taken this conceptual master plan and worked with experienced professionals to adapt it to the local regulations, availability of raw materials and specific characteristics of each location: wind, sun reflection, water table, dunes, preserved areas, etc. The result is an unprecedented concept respectful with the environment and designed for the enjoyment of our clients. We realize that many of them travel with their children or friends and therefore, our accommodations provide maximum flexibility to welcome all family sizes. Similarly, we have considered that some of our clients will prefer to be pampered and do nothing while others would appreciate the conveniency of having a small kitchenette to avoid going our for dinner.

We are proud of the concept we are bringing to the Northeast. We believe our resorts will enhance the awareness and the protection of the spectacular natural ecosystems of the areas, as well as let many tourists know about the traditional way of life of the communities that surround us.

Low density, blending with landscape, local materials, smart technology, much more than your typical beach resort, this is our ethos as developers.


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